Fifth Grade School Program Overview

Colorado Outdoor Learning School exists for the purpose of partnering with educators to assist with the developmental needs of their students through quality out of the classroom experiences in the outdoors. We strongly believe in the importance of teaching students through methods that relate with their styles of learning and the critical role that learning in the outdoors plays in this process. We have designed our program through proven principles of excellence in the Outdoor Education field. In everything aspect of our program we meet or exceed grade level standards so as to provide the highest quality educational experience.

Our flexible program offers each student their choice of a variety of activities and lessons that will best fit their needs. We hire only the best, most qualified staff that can develop relationships of trust and assist struggling students to achieve rewarding goals. We train our staff to a high level of impeccable safety so that during each and every activity safety is the number one priority.

We believe in the importance of challenging young people to face their difficult situations, knowing that they are backed by skilled instructors, teachers and a supportive group of peers. Teachers who participate in our program have seen marked differences in their student’s self-confidence and interpersonal interactions as a result of their experience. We desire that during their time here, students would be given the tools to face the more challenging situations in life and be role models in their circles of influence.

We would love for you to make Colorado Outdoor Learning School an integral part of your yearly curriculum and would love to talk with you more about how to make this a possibility for your school.